Replacement Straps

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Love your Wolf Leathers tote bag or backpack tote? I sure do! My bag goes everywhere with me and has handled everything I throw at it! With all the use, the character that my bag now has is one of the things I love about it. The straps though are the one element that get the most use. They absorb oils, may stretch, and will get dirty over time. Or maybe you’re just looking to get a fresh look for your bag! Whatever the case may be, we would love to provide you with fresh, new straps and some new colored stitching! Follow the steps below to get the process started:

  1. Purchase this service on our website.
  2. Send us your bag to: Wolf Leathers, W630 Church Road, Hartford, WI 53027.
  3. If you would like us to work our magic, we will select beautiful leather for the straps and coordinate it with some wonderful, colorful, new stitching. 
  4. If you have something specific in mind, Email/Call/Text us at - (262) 397-7258 - We’d love to talk to you  and let you know what leather is available and work with you to coordinate the stitching (available thread color pictured).
  5. Once our work is complete, we will mail your beautiful bag back to you!