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Who We Are

We are a small, local business that takes pride in creating unique leather products, handmade in the USA and built to last a lifetime. We work out of our old, brick farmhouse in Hartford, WI where we have converted several bedrooms into our work studio allowing us to make our entire product out of our home.

Our mission is to create products that are minimalistic, yet purposeful and durable, so you can rest assured our products can withstand anything you throw at them. We do that by sourcing all of our materials from small, local, and USA businesses. We use only the finest quality oil tanned leather from Seidel Tanning Corporation in Milwaukee, WI. Each individual hide is handpicked at the tannery where we specifically look for hides that have branding and imperfections, ensuring that each piece we create is completely unique from the next. Using vibrant, colorful stitching and zippers we create artfully crafted leather goods.

We believe everyone can express themselves in a unique way by embracing their imperfections. We represent this in our products by incorporating imperfections and brands from the leather into our work, giving each product extra uniqueness, just like each one of us. 

- Yuliya & Ari Wolf