Leather Tote Bag

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Our signature Wolf Leathers Tote Bag will always be your go-to bag! Whether you're using it for your laptop during the week or for your weekend get away, this spacious, sturdy tote will withstand anything you throw at it. Made with hand picked, oiled tanned leather this bag will continue to age gracefully, building character with use.

This tote bag features beautiful plum colored cheaha leather with heavy, light colored pull up and black straps. Each side of the bag has a unique character because of the shifting oil that creates a stunning marble like appearance to the bag. A combination of mocha and raspberry colored hand stitching compliment the plum color of the leather perfectly.

This bag will absorb scuffs and scratches adding character with age. We recommend using Smith’s Leather Balm to reduce the appearance of scuffs and scratches if desired.


  • Plum Cheaha leather with black straps
  • Mocha and raspberry colored stitching at the attachment points
  • Interior: solid piece of leather at the bottom for reinforcement
  • Interior: slip pocket on each side, 8" W x 5" H, black and plum cheaha leather
  • Fits cell phones, readers, tablets, and most lap tops
  • Solid leather straps
  • 11.5" Strap Drop
  • 12" W x 11.5" H x 5" D

Weight: This is the thickness of the leather used to make the bag. The higher the ounces, the thicker the bag is.

Firmness: This is how stiff the bag is. Pliable bags don’t hold their own shape, while stiff bags will stand upright.

Feel: Since we use oil-tanned leather, the bag will feel different depending on how much oil was used in the tanning process. The more oil used, the more waxy it will feel.